Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing Apron

At some point I need to rearrange my sewing/crafting space. Currently, my sewing machine is on a small table in one corner of the family room, and I do my laying out, cutting, pinning, etc. in other areas of the family room. Not ideal, but that's how it is right now. It means that, when I am sewing, I go back and forth all over the room. I don't mind the exercise, lol, but I was having problems with leaving my stuff in one area and needing it in another. Mostly it's my scissors, straight pins, and measuring tape.

So I decided to solve the problem by making a sewing apron, with pockets for all the things that I tend to need in all my various sewing/prep areas.

I didn't take pictures of the process, but it was fairly simple. I cut a large rectangle of fabric, then hemmed the sides and bottom. I sewed on pockets for scissors, pin cushion, and tape measure. Then I gathered the top and sewed on some (homemade) bias tape as the waist band and straps.

This should make my sewing projects just a little easier - no more running back and forth because I've forgotten my pin cushion.

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