Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hanging Fabric Baskets

Lately I've been trying a variety of ways to straighten up the kids' toys. We have big plastic boxes, store bought canvas bins, shelves, etc. But the toys are still kind of all over the place. At our house, cleanliness is a work in progress. I wanted to add another storage option for toys, hanging baskets for each child's room. So I found this tutorial and got started. I used the measurements for large baskets.

This was my first time working with Pellon, and I really like it! It's easy to iron on, and works so well to stiffen the fabric.

These are the baskets I made to hang in Zaylee's room, filled with her choice of toys - ponies on one side, alphabet cards on the other, and random stuff in the middle. I plan on making another set for Thomas' room. Both kids are really excited about these neat baskets that hang on the wall!


Apurva said...

Wow, looks really neat. Would love if you show how you did this in a tutorial.


Stephanie said...

Here's the tutorial I used to make the baskets.