Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sarah Hat

I seem to have bad luck when it comes to making things for myself to wear. They just don't fit right, or don't look right. Recently, a skirt for myself turned out so awful I had to cut it apart and turn it into skirts for Zaylee and Audrey instead. Hats that I try to make for myself usually end up too small and I have to give them to Zaylee. She makes them look way cuter than I ever could!

But this time I guess I found the right pattern, the Sarah Hat from BurdaStyle. It's a newsboy cap, with six triangular panels, a neat little brim, and a button detail.

I really love how this hat turned out. Especially the fact that it actually fit me. It's sassy, but with a dark color that's somewhat subdued, which really fits my personality as well.

I love my little guy. And my hat. :)

I'm submitting this project to The 12 Month Craft The World Challenge. The theme for February is Garden. This hat fits the theme because it is green, the color of plant life. Also, it would make a great hat to wear while gardening - you can look chic while keeping the sun off your face.



adi said...

hi there, my name is adi i'm from israel. i'm looking desparetly for the pattern for that cool hat, but due to a technical problem it's unavilabe at burda web site. i'll appriciate it very much if you may upload the pattern in case you still have it. thanks fo your attention, adi.

Stephanie said...

I've put a link to the pdf pattern and the instructions at the bottom of my post. I hope that works. If not, let me know and we'll try something else. :)