Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Dresses

Something about Saturday, as the day before Sunday, makes me want to sew. I guess it's because I then get to show off my creativity when we go to church on Sunday, and if anyone asks I can brush if off and say, "Oh, it's just something I whipped up yesterday." I'm modest like that. This Saturday I made two new dresses, one for each daughter.

For Audrey's dress, I used an old pattern that I've had for a few years, and that my mom had for several years before that. It's one that I used to make a dress for my youngest sister when she was a little baby.

This sweet little dress is white with purple flowers, and a pale blue yoke. The dress crosses over pinafore-style in the back, and buttons to the yoke at the shoulders.

For Zaylee, I used this tutorial to make a ruffle-bottom t-shirt dress. Zaylee and I both love all the fun little ruffles on the skirt.

I wanted the skirt to come just below Zaylee's knees, so I added 12 inches to the bottom of the shirt, with four fabric ruffles. Flouncy ruffly fun! I didn't have to hem any of them, since I used knit fabric.

If I wasn't sure it would end up looking ridiculous, I'd probably make one of these fun dresses for myself!

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