Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kokeshi pincushion

I lived in Japan for several years as a teenager. One of my favorite aspects of the culture is the cute little dolls and other trinkets that they make. Hachinohe horses, scroll dolls, washi boxes, and especially kokeshi dolls - I just love them! So my newest pincushion is a sweet crocheted kokeshi doll. Isn't she adorable?


I used this pattern from Ravelry, with a few changes. I added a few rows to the body, and didn't add sleeves. Also I made a little obi tie for the back.

Seed beads for the eyes, and some straight pins in the hair complete the doll. She's glued onto a simple empty thread spool. Eventually I might paint the spool a different color, but for now I like it just as it is.

Little Kokeshi is a bit dwarfed by Miss Dress Form. Eventually I want to have a whole row of pincushions of different heights, colors, and styles, all lined next to my sewing machine. And yes, they will probably all have names. Won't that be fun?

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