Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge - Cotton

Well, I'm working on jumping back into the saddle and posting on my blog again! I have joined Iron Craft at justcraftyenough, where a new crafting challenge is posted every two weeks. 2013's inaugural challenge theme is Cotton. So many possibilities, and I'm excited to see what my fellow Iron Crafters have come up with!

I eventually decided to take the crochet route. I crocheted this lacy little dress for my daughter's 18-inch doll.

It's kind of funny, I think I'm more interested in dressing this doll than my daughter is. She's more interested in bugs, spooky things, science, nature collections, and stuff like that. I say more power to her - I loved science stuff when I was younger too, and still do. But maybe someday she'll decide that playing dress-up with dolls is fun too.

So here I am, slowly adding pretty things to the limited wardrobe of this poor, unappreciated little doll. I should have cleaned her up a bit for the pictures - her hair is a mess and her face is covered in crayon. Makes me glad I never went out and spent big bucks on an authentic American Girls doll - this one is a cheaper version and it was a hand-me-down from a friend besides. :)

Close-up of front

Close-up of back

The dress is made from size 10 cotton thread. The dress pattern is found here. I found the pattern a bit difficult to read, the instructions aren't very clear in some places. That's okay, I wanted something that would challenge myself a bit. My dress ended up a little different than the original, especially in the back. But it's still a very sweet little dress.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

Such detail! I can see a lot of people wanting a dress like this for a real little girl.

Jinxy said...

I really think this is the sweetest little dress!
I'm more like a grown up version of your daughter. Have you seen the Monster High dolls yet? Maybe it's something that the 2 of you could meet in the middle with?