Friday, September 23, 2011

Princess Doll Bed

Zaylee has started a Language Arts unit on the story of Sleeping Beauty, and I thought it would be a fun additional activity to create a special Sleeping Beauty doll and bed to go along with this unit. Now Zaylee can act out her favorite part of the story to her little heart's content.

For the bed, I was inspired by this webpage. I drew the sides, headboard, footboard, and bottom of the bed on pieces of a large cardboard box, then cut them out (boy, cutting out fancy shapes from cardboard is hard work!). Then I glued scrapbook paper on each piece to make them pretty, and hot glued them all together. It made a sturdy little bed.

Next I sewed up a simple mattress, and a little doll-sized pillow.

Then came the fun part. Zaylee and I got to decorate her new doll bed with acrylic jewels, to make it fitting for a royal princess.

Together we chose a pretty fabric to make a blanket for the bed, so Sleeping Beauty wouldn't get cold. P.S. Isn't this the most gorgeous flannel you've ever seen? DAMASK FLANNEL. How totally awesome.

Lastly, we made a simple Sleeping Beauty doll to go in the bed. I did the sewing, while Zaylee chose the fabric for the dress and helped to stuff the doll.

Thanks to this fun and simple craft, this has become Zaylee's favorite unit so far! We're both excited to do more school crafts together.

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American Homemaker said...

That turned out very cute! I remember the days of making my girls doll furniture! :)

Your favorite sister said...

You did such a great job! I bet your daughter is going to have hours of fun!

Michelle said...

Oh, how sweet! I love that flannel. :-)