Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Kids' Easter Outfits

Just a quick post to share the outfits I made for the kids to wear on Easter Sunday. I used Simplicity 2316, a skirt and jacket combo. Each of the girls got their own special little skirt and jacket, and I think they turned out so cute. Then I used the same jacket pattern to make a vest for Thomas. I just made it more angular in the front, instead of curved, and didn't add sleeves, and sewed on buttons instead of ribbons.

It was hard to get good pictures, the sun kept getting in the kids' eyes, leading to some funny facial expressions. But they were good sports about it.

I love Thomas' face in this one

Admiring our little cherry tree-to-be

Aahhh, so bright!
The kids were all pleased with their cute new clothes, and compliments abounded at church. It's so fun making clothes for the kids. :)

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Michelle said...

Thomas reminds me a lot of Samuel for some reason. I'm so impressed that you find time and energy for sewing, and confess that mine hasn't been used in more weeks that I want to admit in public. Maybe, at some point, I'll grab it and get crafty! (Cause those cute clothes make me want to do something for my kiddos...)