Thursday, September 12, 2013

Making a Kitchen, Part 4 - "Before" Pictures

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Any good renovation starts with some really yucky "before" pictures. This is where you get to show the world exactly why you chose to renovate in the first place. And that is what this Making a Kitchen installment is all about.

Brace yourself, kitchen ugliness ahead!

First glance, maybe not too bad. Just a bit bland.

Very, very bland. Nondescript bluish grayish blah-ish cabinets, plain counters. Not much going on.

White-ish walls, icky linoleum flooring. The fridge stuck against a big, empty wall.

Not much going on here. Oh, you know, just a big hole in the wall that's been there for about a year.

We removed the dated wallpaper before we moved in, nearly four years ago. And the walls have looked like this every since.

We removed all the outlet covers too, because we were planning on painting the walls. We never did, and the covers never got put back on. Again, we've been living like this for almost four years.

The linoleum floor is stained, buckled, warped, and all around nasty to look at and to walk on.

This is the cabinet under the sink. Disgusting!

Some of the cabinet doors and drawers don't even close properly.

The laminate counter tops have seen better days.

Yup, definitely a little worse for wear.

The seams between the sheets of laminate are pulling apart and stained black.

And there's this random corkboard stuck to the side of one cabinet. I thought it might be handy, so I left it up when we moved in. But it's in an inconvenient spot, and we haven't really used it in, you guessed it, nearly four years.

And there you have it. This is what I have been living with ever since we moved in. I am so ready for a change!

Since taking these pictures, we have already begun to take down cabinets. Thanks for bearing with me through all these nasty "before" pictures. Stay tuned for all the fun, messy "during" pictures!

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see everything in progress! This is going to be an awesome kitchen, and I know I'll feel a lot better when that sink outlet has a cover plate, lol. :)